Seattle Real Estate Tip - Closing Requires Attention To Detail

There are still many steps left before reaching the final goal of a successful closing. Many details of the closing process must be accounted for, especially protecting deposit monies from loss by strict adherence to all critical dates and deadlines. Your agent and real estate team should keep you informed and updated throughout the process. The closing process itself is managed by a neutral third party specified in the purchase and sale agreement, known as the “closing agent” or the “escrow company.” Their job is to collect and distribute all the funds and documents from all the different parties as stipulated by the purchase and sale agreement, the title company and the buyer’s lender, if there is one. They must keep a strict accounting of all of this and report back to all parties involved in the home buying process. Make sure you understand your personal deadlines and closing responsibilities, and stay focused on your end goal ... a completed sale!