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Your Monthly Snapshot on the PhinneyWood Real Estate Market


Spring home sales are in full swing in our PhinneyWood neighborhood!
Market activity and prices are sharply up from last year, continuing the
trend that started earlier this year. Buyers are actively engaged, and are
bidding higher for good homes.

Notably, many new construction homes are now classified as condos
under new city codes. This is throwing off some of the numbers that you'll
see in the reports. The new codes allow for the construction of multiple
homes on the same single residential lot that previously would only allow
a single home. The developers can then condominiumize their entire
project, thus getting a tax id number assigned to each structure, and then
sell each of these structures separately.

Interest rates have bumped up recently, but, unlike last year, that doesn't
seem to have dampened buyer's enthusiasm so far. The next few months
will give us a better clue for buyers' and sellers' level of commitment.

Is spring the right time to buy or sell your home? Let your plans burst
through and flourish! Call Doron for a free, no-obligation consultation on
how to get the most from your transaction. You can reach him
at 206-779-9808.

Doron Weisbarth

Designated Broker / Owner

Doron Weisbarth Designated Broker / Owner

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