Sell Your Home In 5

The 5-Step System that Doron and His Team Use to Sell Homes Fast, for Top Dollar and with the Least Amount of Hassle

Step 1

The Right Price Makes All The Difference

If you are like most homeowners, you want to sell your home fast, for the most amount of money and with the least amount of hassle. To achieve these goals, a stellar marketing plan is absolutely crucial, and pricing your home correctly is critical to your marketing plan. In fact, pricing your home incorrectly can ruin even the greatest marketing efforts

Step 2

The right improvements in your home will put more money in your pocket

You can still move your home’s market price up the price range by improving the condition of your home. Property conditions is absolutely critical to your home’s ultimate value and best selling price. But choosing the right projects to complete and, more importantly, those not to complete, can mean the difference between netting more money at the sale or throwing your money down the drain.

Step 3

The right presentation will make your home more desirable to buyers

Most buyers can’t envision what your home will look like if it was theirs. So cleaning and staging your home the right way will help clarify the possibilities for those buyers so that they can see themselves living in “their” new home. And a more desirable home means a higher sales price.

Step 4

Effective marketing will bring all the right buyers to your doorstep

The final price that you will get for your home is directly related to the number of qualified buyers who are exposed to it. To maximize your home’s exposure you need to imagine who might be the most likely buyers for your home understand how they are searching and know how to reach them.

Step 5

Negotiations and keeping an eye on the details will ensure that you'll get the most from your sale

When the time is finally right and everything is ready for the sale of your home, approach the sales process with high motivation, goodwill and common sense. Understanding and keeping tabs of all the details is crucial. A skilled agent with a proven track record will help ensure that you'll get the most from your sale.


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