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MAY 2022





9 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Whether you’re working from home, away on a trip, or somewhere in between, you must always remain vigilant against potential threats. As summer nears, consider using as many of these DIY home security tips as possible – especially if you plan to take a trip and be away for a while.

1. Social Media – Be Quiet!

Most of us have hundreds or thousands of followers on social media. You cannot trust all of them. If you’replanning a trip, or are far away from home, don’t broad cast it to the world! Posting pics of yourself from Europe is a golden invitation to break into your home. Save your updates until you get back.


2. Secure Your Windows

Windows and doors are the easiest locations to break into a home, whether you’re home or not. In addition to window locks, you can increase security by laying bars in the tracks. For even more security and a bigger investment, you can buy decorative iron bars to prevent entrance even if the window is broken.


3. Conceal Your Whereabouts

If you are away on a long trip, don’t make it obvious. Overflowing trash and recycling, overgrown yards, mailbox filling up, newspapers decorating your driveway – these indicate no one is home.

Have a friend pick up your mail, or have the post office hold delivery. Pause your newspaper. Take care of your yard and trash before you leave. Or, ask a friend or pay for a service to care for your yard while you’re gone.


4. Install DIY Security Cameras

This doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think. 40% of burglars will avoid a home if they see cameras, so the value here is in the deterrence, more than catching someone in the act. The most important places to secure are your doors, windows, garage, and basement.

Plus, many services today include subscription options where the camera will notify you right on your phone if the camera catches anything on screen. So you will know some thing’s happening, right when it happens.


5. Install a Yard Sign Warning about Cameras

You can do this even if you don’t have any cameras, and it will be enough to deter some thieves. A thief with a bit more motivation might quickly determine the sign to be a ruse, but any deterrence is good deterrence. If you do have cameras, don’t include the brand of cameras on the sign.


6. Secure Important Files and Documents

How you do this is up to you. Get a safe. Create a hidden compartment. Rent a safe deposit box. Get creative. But find a way to hide your social security cards and important files so if someone does break in, they can’t steal your identity as easily.


7. Use Light Timers

This classic trick still works great. You can set your lights – interior and exterior – to go on and off at certain times each day. Unless a thief is scouting your home and observes the pattern, which is extremely unlikely, this will give the impression someone is home.


8. Use Alarms

Burglar alarms are also effective, even when you’re home. 90% of convicted burglars would avoid targeting a home if they know an alarm is installed.


9. Have Home Defense Within Reach

You need certain items within reach in your bedroom in case you’re home and there is a break-in. For starters, your phone and car keys. With your phone you can call for help, and with your car key fob, you can make noise using your car.

Beyond that and beyond the obvious firearms that you may or may not be comfortable owning, you can use non-lethal defense methods like pepper spray, batons, and other tools. Whatever you use – the key is to have it accessible.

Childhaven’s Approach to Neglect and Abuse: It Works

Some things just work. When 3-year old Sapphire came to Childhaven, she was not well, mentally, socially, or emotionally. She lashed out at adults, had daily outbursts, and didn’t get along with other kids. As her teacher put it, “She was terrified and tried everything negative to get attention and comfort.”


Childhaven’s Approach to Neglect and Abuse: It Works

Because her parents had neglected her while battling addiction. Her mother says, “During my addiction, I was a distant and uninvolved parent.

”Today, two things have changed for the better.

First, Sapphire’s mother completed Family Treatment Court, and is doing much better. She has worked to restore her relationship with her daughter.

Second, Childhaven’s therapeutic approach to caring for abused and neglected kids like Sapphire has produced “phenomenal progress” in two years, and she is now ready for kindergarten. Today, her teacher says she gets along with kids and adults and has “grown more than any child I’ve ever worked with and has a bright future ahead of her.”

How does this kind of transformation happen? It works because Childhaven uses a therapeutic approach that repairs the brain damage caused by abuse and neglect. These experiences trigger toxic stress in the brains of young kids.

It’s not that different from how we react to threats like a car wreck, a burglar, or serious personal medical news. Except that, for a neglected or abused child, they are in permanent ‘fight or

flight’ mode.

But with consistency, a structured routine, attentive listening, allowing choices in certain situations, and with clear limits and boundaries, children’s brains can be healed, calmed, and restored. And by working with parents, the same methods can be used at home, for even more consistency.

Eventually, kids like Sapphire gain confidence, feel safe, and regain control of their minds and bodies.

This kind of transformation at such a young and crucial age is why we donate a portion of the proceeds from every home we sell to Childhaven.

Our donations to date for Childhaven!

Your business and referrals help 
the kids at Childhaven

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A portion of every sale from 
Weisbarth & Associates is 
given to Childhaven and in the 
past 5 years we have donated 
over $250,000 to them.


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Through all of COVID-19 the Childhaven staff continues to care for every child, delivering counseling, developmental therapy, wrap-around 
supports, home learning, meals, family meetings, and much more. Every referral you send our way helps the kids at Childhaven, because we donate a substantial portion of our income from every home sale to this amazing organization. If you know anyone considering buying or selling, you have three options:
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2. Call me direct or pass on my number - 206.779.9808
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Spring Market Continues
Upward Climb Despite Higher Interest Rates

Seattle SFH picture

Interest rates for home loans are rising from record-setting lows that we’ve seen for nearly two years, passing 5% not long ago. But that’s still very low by historical standards, and partially explains the continued increases in home prices. With market rents rising at a record pace in the past few months, the pressure on consumers is increasing, which is keeping demand strong.

The good news is that the Spring sale is bringing more homes to the market, giving buyers a broader selection. And with listing prices being closer to the actual market price, we’re not seeing the kind of crazy numbers of multiple offers or the seemingly insane jumps over the original asking price. But with the strong demand, there is still just 0.58 months of available homes for sale in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

And even though there were 41% more listings in March than February, almost all of them got snapped up by desperate buyers, with a 31% bump in home sales in March over February. Still, it’s a relief to see so many homes listed in March, which is the most in a month since September of 2021.

Prices may be starting to level off a bit, which is a slowdown in the rate appreciation that happens every Spring. Still, King County’s median sales prices for Single Family Homes (SFH) crossed the $1M threshold in April, with a 19.1% year-over-year increase from April of last year. The bottom line is that if a home is properly marketed, the sellers can still expect healthy competition and high sales prices.

If you know anyone who is ready to sell this spring or summer, please send them our way. Our 5-step system lays out the plan for selling fast and for the most amount of money. And a good portion of our income then goes to support the kids at Childhaven.

The 2022 Weisbarth Team