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MARCH 2022





8 Cheap(ish) Ways to Boost Your Home Value

Most people don’t like to remodel. And it’s kind of frustrating to spend so much time or money making your home look great, only to sell it and not get to enjoy the new look. At the same time, if you want to sell soon, you want to increase the value.

Here are eight quick and relatively easy ways to make this happen. Some of these involve hiring a professional, because that usually means it gets done faster, and with higher quality results.

1. Professional Window Cleaning

Pay a pro to clean your windows inside and out, and they will look sparklingly new – and not just the glass. Dirt and grime collects on windows over time, so having this done well can make a strong impression on a buyer.


2. Repaint Your Dining and Living Room

These common areas are the rooms people spend lots of time in, and giving it a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to make it look brand new. Consider colors that are warmer and complement other features in the rooms, such as floor colors, etc.


3. Paint and Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

Brighten up your kitchen with brand new white cabinets and new handles and hingers, where appropriate. It’s amazing how these small and inexpensive items can transform even an old kitchen and give it a more updated and modern look and feel. Your ‘new’ kitchen will make an immediate and positive impression on prospective buyers.


4. Install New Counters

A bit more costly than the other ideas on this list, but a pro can get it done in just one or two days. Consider updating both the kitchen and bathroom countertops. New quartz counter materials are affordable, look great, are easily customizable and are easy to install. They can make even an older kitchen look new, and deliver a high return on investment.


5. Replace the Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors tend to lose their luster over time, especially on the edges and corners. Take a look at yours. If it’s showing its age, why not spring for a brand new one? That one improvement will make buyers do a double take when they peek in the bathroom.


6. Install a Vanity Light in Bathroom

Another fast and simple bathroom improvement that makes a great impression. Good lighting sells. Pair this up with a new mirror, and your whole bathroom will look ten years newer.


7. Replace the Garage Door

Garage doors also tend to show their age. This cosmetic improvement can be done in just a day, and it has a good return on investment because new doors look so good from the street.


8. Replace the Front Door

Here’s another easy one-day job by an experienced contractor! A new front door makes a great first impression when buyers first visit your home.

If you have specific questions about projects that you want to do around the house, and would like a second opinion or some free advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be glad to help. Just call me at 206-779-9808.

Turning Whole Families’ Lives Around

Why does Childhaven exist? And why do we support them by donating a portion of the proceeds from every home we sell?

We do this because childhood trauma, like domestic violence, neglect, abuse, racism, extreme illness, parental indifference, and bullying are the root causes behind so much suffering and brokenness. Things like crime, drugs, homelessness, suicide, and many mental and physical health issues can be traced back to childhood trauma of some sort.

Turning Whole Families’ Lives Around

Childhaven helps turn the tide back in the right direction. It helps pick families and children up, and builds them back into the whole people they are capable of being.

Like Carneisha Grace, now a mother of three, who grew up in foster care and ended up homeless, running the streets as a young adult.

Her second son, Shawn, was born with a rare epilepsy disorder, and doctors told her he would be lucky to live past age 5.

At the time, she didn’t want to accept help, even though her situation was desperate, and her kids were in great need. But then she realized something – everyone needs help! We aren’t meant to be parents alone. We aren’t meant to handle everything ourselves. Childhaven has transformed her family by helping with day care, educational needs, therapy, and even housing.

And Carneisha credits them with helping in many other ways too, like teaching her how to play with her kids, how to practice patience in tough moments, how to communicate clearly in moments of frustration, and when to take a few moments to be alone.

Her youngest son, 5, is in Childhaven’s Wrap Around Intensive Services. Her oldest is in middle school and doing well. And Shawn is now 9 years old – 4 years past the doctor’s prediction – and he can walk on his own and communicate verbally, well enough to call up his Childhaven teachers and strike up a conversation.

And Carneisha now has her own car, her own home, and is paying her own bills. That kind of successful independence is a long way from where she was ten years ago. As she puts it, “I’ve got everyone on a schedule, and we are doing better than ever.”

Our donations to date for Childhaven!

Your business and referrals help 
the kids at Childhaven

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A portion of every sale from 
Weisbarth & Associates is 
given to Childhaven and in the 
past 5 years we have donated 
over $250,000 to them.


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Through all of COVID-19 the Childhaven staff continues to care for every child, delivering counseling, developmental therapy, wrap-around 
supports, home learning, meals, family meetings, and much more. Every referral you send our way helps the kids at Childhaven, because we donate a substantial portion of our income from every home sale to this amazing organization. If you know anyone considering buying or selling, you have three options:
1. Send an email with your referral’s name, phone and email to
2. Call me direct or pass on my number - 206.779.9808
3. Go to our website at

Will There Ever Be a Better Time to Sell Than Now?

Seattle SFH picture

Imagine: What would it be like to be a buyer right now? If you were looking to buy a home or condo tomorrow, this is what you’d be facing:

• A struggle to find the right home because of slim pickings

• Interest rates set to increase

• Every home you visit being viewed by multiple buyers

• Most of your offers facing competition from other buyers It’s stressful. So what does all this mean for you?

For one, it means that if you decide to put your home up for sale, you’ll be making a lot of people happy, because they are starving for more choices.

If you look at the chart, you’ll notice that, despite the seasonal ups in downs, the number of new listings in King County (blue line) has pretty much stayed the same from year to year, with at most about a 3% variation.

However, the number of homes that are available for sale (orange line) has been declining for a while, and even more so in the past couple of years. In fact, January 2022 saw a whopping 55.6% decline in available homes for sale, as comparted to January 2021! Things are pretty much the same in both Pierce and Snohomish counties.

What’s going on? Why aren’t more people trying to sell? Are they worried about inflation? The economy? Finding a replacement property?

While there is reason to believe things will loosen up in the coming months, one thing is for sure: If you or someone you know is considering selling, right now may be the best time of your life to do so. You will very likely sell fast, and sell for high value, and have your choice of offers to pick from.

Please Send Your Referrals to Us!

Even if you aren’t looking to sell this year, perhaps you know someone who is considering selling their home or condo – friends, neighbors, coworkers? If so – please refer them to us. Our 5-step system is proven to help owners sell fast and for the most amount of money. And remember that your business and referrals go to help the kids and Childhaven.

Here’s how to send us referrals:

1) Email me at with your friend’s contact info

2) Call me directly, or pass my number on to them – 206.779.9808

3) Go to our website at

The 2022 Weisbarth Team