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JUNE 2022





How to ‘Button Up’ Your Home and Protect It from Damage

Lots of things can go wrong in your home when you’re not there. Sometimes, the damage can be costly and severe, such as a water leak or a fire. Here are a few ways you can protect your home and reduce the risk of having to pay for costly repairs or losses.

Smoke Alarms

We’ll start with the obvious stuff. Most homes already have these. You just need to remember to change the batteries. When you start hearing that beeping sound, act on it. Or, just make it a habit to change them at regular intervals. The “National Check Your Batteries Day” (yes, there really is such a thing) is the 2nd Sunday of every March. But, of course, you can pick whatever day works for you, as long as you remember to do it.


Carbon Monoxide Alarms

These protect you from the ‘silent killer.’ Carbon monoxide is odorless, and it is deadly. It can emerge from burning natural gas, improperly functioning fireplaces, and other sources, usually combustion related. This is the reason to never, ever use your barbecue in your house.

Like smoke alarms, just remember to change the batteries regularly.


Interior Cameras

These can provide security from intruders, especially if you install them near windows and other entry points. But you can also use interior cameras to monitor the safety of small kids or pets, as well as other locations in your home that may be prone to damage or problems.


Water Leak Detectors

Leaks can be very destructive and costly – and invisible if they happen in a place that you don’t often go to or can’t see. Leak detectors alert you if water is showing up in places it shouldn’t.

The simplest versions of these cost around $12.50. They are a box or a disc that sits right on the floor, operated by batteries, with metal sensors that touch the floor. If even small amounts of water contact the sensor, the device will make a piercing, annoying sound that is sure to get your attention. More sophisticate versions will also alert you via text, email, or with an alert on your phone, depending on the type of leak detector you buy.

Some can also be equipped with extension cables to cover a larger surface area.

You can put these under sinks, near your water heater, behind toilets, near your washer, dishwashers, fridges and freezers. You can also put them behind walls if you have access to a good spot – but remember that you’ll need to be able to change the batteries.

The more robust leak detectors are called inline leak detection systems. These are much more expensive because they actually get installed into your plumbing system, usually by a professional. With these, you can protect against leaks behind walls and under the floor.

If a problem is detected, the inline detector will shut off your water automatically. If you’re away from home a lot, or have a second home, these offer a good way to protect your home from water damage.


Keypad Door Locks

There are pros and cons to these. The most obvious advantage is that you no longer need a key. You can also give different codes to different people, including cleaning or maintenance people. If you’re renting out your house or using Airbnb, keypad locks eliminate the risk of key copying.

Advanced locks can even do facial recognition and fingerprint biometric entry.

The drawbacks of keypad locks include having to remember yet another code. And you do have to change the code regularly. Otherwise, you will wear down the buttons you always use, and a thief will be able to rule out a bunch of options.

Plus, if the keypad lock relies on the internet or another power source, it won’t work when the power goes out. And, keyless locks can be hacked if you aren’t careful.

So while keypad locks do provide some benefits, they are often more about convenience than security.


Seismic Gas Automatic Shutoff

About one in four fires after an earthquake is related to natural gas leaks. While this item is not a very DIY project, installing one of these earthquake-actuated devices between your gas meter and your home can save you and your family’s life when a big one hits. They are not yet required in our state, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be soon, as they are in California.

Helping Abused Children Learn to Manage Anger

Margaret was just 3 years old when she came to Childhaven, but she was angry from the moment she arrived. At times, she had to be physically restrained to protect the other kids, and had trouble making friends because she tried to control every situation.

This sort of behavior is common among abused kids. And Margaret’s mother had abused and neglected her, partly due to drug use.

Helping Abused Children Learn to Manage Anger

At Childhaven, Margaret was given access to a ‘mad box,’ which contained items like Play-Doh or paper that she could safely destroy when she felt angry. Over time, Margaret started asking for the box on her own – indicating that she was starting to learn how to manage her anger.

Her teachers also tried partnering her with another child who had similar challenges. Amazingly, having met their match, they worked out their control issues together and learned how to play together!

Today, Margaret has been reunited with her father who is now clean and sober, and who himself received support and training from Childhaven so he could learn how to care for her. Margaret’s potential is strong. She has an inner strength not typical of all kids, and a great personality.

We donate a portion of the proceeds from every home we sell to Childhaven, because kids like Margaret deserve the chance to not repeat or suffer from the mistakes of their parents.

Our donations to date for Childhaven!

Your business and referrals help 
the kids at Childhaven

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A portion of every sale from 
Weisbarth & Associates is 
given to Childhaven and in the 
past 5 years we have donated 
over $250,000 to them.


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Through all of COVID-19 the Childhaven staff continues to care for every child, delivering counseling, developmental therapy, wrap-around 
supports, home learning, meals, family meetings, and much more. Every referral you send our way helps the kids at Childhaven, because we donate a substantial portion of our income from every home sale to this amazing organization. If you know anyone considering buying or selling, you have three options:
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Housing Market Not Cooling – But “Normalizing”

Seattle SFH picture

Some have mistakenly presumed that higher interest rates would give buyers pause. But what recent data seems to show is that it has given many buyers new confidence they might finally be able to get an offer accepted, now that there will be fewer offers to compete with. In the frenzied past two years, many buyers felt shut out.

That’s why, in King County, inventory is actually still going down, even with higher interest rates. Condo inventory is down even more – 35% less than last year in King County.

And prices in King County are still going up, 20% for single family homes and 12.6% for condos compared to this time last year.

Across the Puget Sound, inventory did finally rise from its historic lows a few months back. It’s now up to about three weeks, which is the highest since October of 2020.

So we wouldn’t say the market is cooling, because prices are still increasing and demand remains high. It’s just normalizing. Now, you might not sell your home one day after listing it. But that was never going to last. You might have to wait a few weeks, which until recently was a normal expectation.

With disaffected buyers feeling like they might have a chance, this summer is looking like as good a time as ever to sell your home. And now, you’ll have a bit more selection and time to find your replacement home too, which takes away some of the stress of selling.

If you know anyone who is ready to sell this summer, please send them our way. Our 5-step system lays out the plan for selling fast and for the most amount of money. And a good portion of our income then goes to support the kids at Childhaven.

The 2022 Weisbarth Team