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What’s with all these weeds?

When you opened this newsletter, I have little doubt you were hoping to read all about weeds.

The thing is, unchecked weeds can wreak havoc on even the most carefully manicured yard. And it doesn’t take long. This past spring, with so much rain, was like heaven for the weeds. They were on cloud nine. Or lawn nine, perhaps. In just a few weeks, a yard could go from immaculate to cringe worthy. For a future home seller, you can’t let your weeds get out of control.

So what can you do to take back ground you’ve lost to the weed onslaught? Well, I’m not an expert, but I did a little research and compiled seven ideas that that might work for you and your garden:

1. Cover the ground with tarp, mulch, fabric, or ground cover plants

Especially for gardens and non-grass areas, weed prevention often works best. If they never grow, you don’t need to kill them. Covering less-used areas, as well as vegetable and flower gardens, with tarps, mulch, or fabric during the winter months will keep weeds from planting and sprouting in early spring.

Planting ground cover plants can be similarly effective year round, because they crowd out the sunlight and keep weeds at bay.


2. Hire a professional lawncare specialist to battle your weeds for you

This weeding thing can be a big, tough job and sometimes you just need to get the bulk of it done by a professional. Find someone who shares your approach to weeds, yard care, and the environment.


3. Feed your lawn regularly so weeds can’t crowd out the grass

The thicker your grass, the harder it is for weeds to break through. Feeding your lawn with fertilizer helps it grow up thicker and fuller. You can increase this effect even more by mowing your grass at a higher setting, so it stays taller.


4. Water heavily but not every day so your grass grows deeper roots

Deeper roots make it tougher on weeds to find suitable ground to plant themselves.


5. Replace your grass and dirt with rocks and gravel

Some people have converted entire yards to rocks or gravel. There are dozens of sizes, varieties, colors, and textures you can choose from, many with high degrees of visual appeal. This is labor intensive, but the payoff is less labor dealing with weeds in the future.

The first step is to dig out the area you want to replace with rocks. Then, lay down a layer of high quality fabric. Next, install vinyl siding, which creates your borders, and then fill in with rocks.


6. Turn part of your yard into a patio or ‘outdoor floor’

This is the most permanent and effective weed prevention idea. If you have a problem area, covering it with properly installed pavers to make a patio or floor will keep weeds out of the entire area.

It costs a bit more up front, but the result will be a visually appealing outdoor area where you can put furniture and relax comfortably outside.


7. Use weed-killing chemicals

My least favorite method, by far, but sometimes this is what is needed… There is a great variety of chemical solutions, with varying degrees of environmental friendliness. The harshest ones are known as systemic and non-selective. They kill the whole weed and anything else they touch.

Less harsh solutions include selective options, which kill weeds like crabgrass and dandelions, but won’t harm your grass.

You can also try homemade solutions, such as vinegar mixed with dish soap, rubbing alcohol mixed with water (2 Tbsp per quart water), and plain boiling water. Yes, if you boil water, take it outside, and douse your weeds with it, it will burn them out down to the roots. Just be sure you can target weeds only.

Saving Babies Now from a Life of Hardship Later

For her first few months at Childhaven, baby Monique cried nonstop. She was so easily over-stimulated, any little noise would trigger a wave of tremors in her arms, hands and head.

Monique was born with methadone coursing through her body. The drug helped her mom kick heroin, but spending the first few weeks of life detoxing over-whelmed Monique’s fragile, little system. Extreme anxiety is a common side effect of methadone exposure in newborns. Monique’s teacher worked patiently with her, seizing every opportunity to help her calm down as soon as she started to get worked up.

Saving Babies Now from a Life of Hardship Later

Gradually, Monique began settling down more easily. When she cried, someone was always there to figure out why. Then they would feed her, change her, play with her, or put her down for a nap.

Over time, she started playing with toys on her own, then making friends with other babies. Once she learned how to soothe herself, she started gravitating toward younger babies when they got upset. She would sidle up to them, rub their heads, kiss their foreheads, pat their backs — anything to make them feel safe and loved, just like Childhaven made her feel.

Helping turn around a baby like Monique at such a young age spares her much suffering and hardship later, and it’s one of the best things about Childhaven’s program. It’s much easier to help kids at very early ages overcome the effects of tough start to life.

This is why we send a portion of the profits from every home we sell to Childhaven.

Our donations to date for Childhaven!

Your business and referrals help 
the kids at Childhaven

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A portion of every sale from 
Weisbarth & Associates is 
given to Childhaven and in the 
past 5 years we have donated 
over $250,000 to them.


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Through all of COVID-19 the Childhaven staff continues to care for every child, delivering counseling, developmental therapy, wrap-around 
supports, home learning, meals, family meetings, and much more. Every referral you send our way helps the kids at Childhaven, because we donate a substantial portion of our income from every home sale to this amazing organization. If you know anyone considering buying or selling, you have three options:
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2. Call me direct or pass on my number - 206.779.9808
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Nope! The Market Is Still Just Coming Back to Normal

Seattle SFH picture

If you’re feeling uncertain, confused, or indecisive about buying or selling a home these days, your feeling is certainly understandable. Higher inflation, rising interest rates, threats of recession, gas prices - to name just a few of the alarming news items - are contributing to our collective jittery feeling.

The question is, how does all this affect your ability to sell your home or buy a new one?

A lot of people have been saying the real estate market is cooling. I shared a graph last month that shows that the market isn’t so much cooling as it’s just returning to normal, because it was overheated far beyond historical norms. Year-over-year pricing are still up significantly.

Here’s a couple interesting data points for single family homes (SFH) in King County:

• The median amount of time a home stayed on the market last July was 6 days. This July? It’s 7 days.

• Last July the median number of showings before a home went ‘pending’ was 18 showings. This July? It’s 11 showings.

• Both the average and median final sales price of SFH this July was the listed asking asking price.

• While inventory is increasing, now sitting at about 1.7 months, it is still solidly in ‘Seller Market’ territory (defined as anything below 4-6 months of inventory).

Here’s the key takeaway:

While buyers are being more picky and cautious in their choices, there are still plenty of buyers out there looking for good homes that are priced fairly. With inventory growing, buyers have more options, but still not enough. And when a good home come on the market and it is priced fairly, the data shows that the buyers have no problem springing into action and snapping it up.

So the key here is ‘fair pricing’. Well priced homes will sell fast and even with some competition (yes, we’re still seeing some of those going on). And while homes may not fetch as much as they did a couple of months ago, they are still going to fetch far more than they did the same time last year. Prices may fluctuate up and down still, but with the balance of power still in the hands of sellers, the pressure on home prices is still, overall, upwards.

Please Send Us Referrals!

If you know anyone who is ready to sell this summer or fall, please send them our way. Our 5-step system lays out the plan for selling fast and for the most amount of money. And a good portion of our income then goes to support the kids at Childhaven.

The 2022 Weisbarth Team